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Running Log Feb. 1, 2017- Record Day

Running Log Feb. 1, 2017

The day the dam broke.

Anybody who has run for any length of time knows the following two statements are true.

  1. On days where you feel great, you may not have a great run.
  2. On days where you really don’t feel up to it, you may have a great run.

And that is why you should run everyday. There is no rhyme or reason behind having a great run. All I can tell you is that you will never know if you don’t do it.

Simple as that.

This run was day 13 of my 100 day cardio challenge.

My what?

Yes you too can join me as I do 100 days of cardio in a row.


Because I love a challenge. Read more about the challenge here.

After 12 straight days of cardio, I thought my legs would be tired but that just hasn’t been the case.

From Frosty’s Frozen to the Snowman Stampede

There are 3 cool things about the Hudson Garden races.

  1. They are in the winter. You can get better while other runners get fat and lazy.
  2. They are a month apart so you can measure your progress while other runners get fat and lazy.
  3. You can enter spring in great shape while other runners are emerging from their winter hibernation and trying to squeeze into their clothes.

And that is exactly what I am after. Hot, nasty raw speed is what I am working on this month before the Snowman Stampede.

Let the 10 minute mile barrier fall

First there was Roger Bannister, now there is me!

Running Log Feb. 1

Laugh if you want my friends but that is not a misprint. That is a blistering (for me) 9:52 looking you square in the face.

Using the Lumo Run has been an absolute godsend for me. Not only does it record metrics I couldn’t get anywhere else, I have my own running coach talking to me as I run.

The coolest thing Apple has ever done, in my opinion, is give me the option to change the voice in my Iphone.

That allows me to have a sexy but stern British woman who gently whispers in my ear to “Pick my feet up faster”.

Okay, sometimes she comes across as sexy but I think she loses patience with me on my cadence. On long runs she seems to get a little snippy with me. That is not Lumo Run’s issue. That is the physics of trying to lift up a size 13 shoe as fast as possible.

Oh how I want to increase my cadence to make my English coach happy!

Here is something cool

Lumo Run will give you suggested exercises to improve your metrics.


Running Log Feb. 1

The Metrics

Running Log Feb. 1

I have found that I can increase my cadence naturally by doing 3 things.

  1. Leaning forward from the ankles.
  2. Taking shorter choppy steps
  3. Most important, not trying to stop the feeling of falling forward. Usually I start freaking out when I get my lean right because I think I am going to burn out too quick aerobically. This isn’t the case and I need to get use to the feeling of just letting go.

Personal Records


running log feb.1,2017

I am really excited about this. I would estimate I gave around 95% effort on this run and it felt great.