homes for our troops

Big Man Runs Fundraiser- Homes For Our Troops

Big Man Runs Fundraiser- Homes For Our Troops

Big Man Runs Fundraiser- Homes For Our Troops

Yup, after much thought I have decided to run the Ridgeline Half-marathon again this year. I am calling this the revenge tour and it includes:

  • Summer Prairie Dog Half-marathon in Castle Rock
  • Fort Carson Spartan Military Sprint
  • Wildcat Ridge 10 Mile in Highlands Ranch (if they have it this year)
  • The infamous Ridgeline half-marathon in Castle Rock.

Hey Mike, looks like Ridgeline has a 50K, why don’t you do that one?

Because the half-marathon damn near killed me. That is why. Listen, this is my revenge tour, not yours.

Let me take care of the half-marathon first and next year maybe we tackle the 50K.

Ridgline half-marathon

Trail running sucks. It is very different than running on pavement. But where else are you going to get views like this!

I hate this race but I am sucked in to her siren song. No matter how much it hurts, I must go.

big man runs fundraiser

Don’t let this fool you. I wish all of the trail was like this!

I remember are endless climbs, rocky, root-filled descents and general pain.

I strained both calves 2 miles into the race and ran 11 miles on two category 2 strained calves. With each step I felt my calves ripping, almost like you were tearing a piece of paper.

A painful day but a great day nonetheless.


Big Man Runs Fundraiser- Homes For Our Troops

Maybe this gives you a better perspective of what is going on. Start to your left and climb up, then descend, then go left and go up another hill, then go down…13.2 miles. You get the point.


What I am saying is that this is a fantastic race and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it again.

Maybe this time I will be able to walk back to the car.

Enough about me, Big Man Runs Fundraiser- Homes For Our Troops


I couldn’t be part of the military due to asthma. However, my son joined the Army in September and that makes us a military family.

These are brave men and women that want to serve our country and commit to a cause. It is absolutely shameful how little we do for these men and women when they get back, especially when horrific things happen to them. I am dedicating this race to them and would like to think that with each mile, maybe I can make someone’s life a little better.

The goal is to collect $1,000 by October 8. All donations go to Homes for Our Troops. The link below is a fundraising link that goes directly to their site.

If you would like to make a difference, please give what you can. Anything will help and everything is appreciated.

Thanks, and I will give you a report on how the race went Oct 9th. Maybe October 10th, it depends on how beat-up I am.

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