Lumo Run

Lumo Run Review: Can It Help Your Running Technique?

Does Lumo Run really work?


In the interest of full disclosure, I am an ambassador for Lumo Run. This means I get compensated if you click on any of the Lumo Run links and decide to try it out. It also means I can give you a discount using the code “MMG10” for $10 off any Lumo Run.  By clicking on the link you help this website and get the lowest price. That is a win-win. What I want to do here is to give you a fair overview of Lumo Run so you can decide if this is right for you.

Bad running form leads to injuries.

In December I was looking through Facebook and I saw the above graphic. I found it very interesting and timely. Timely because I was sitting at home with type 2 calf strains in both legs. This means 90% of the muscle is torn and you are out of the game. Instead of running, you spend your time reading. Mostly horrible descriptions of how other runners are dealing with chronic calf pain. After a while you get a deep sense of hopelessness.

When your ankle is locking up, there are two things you can do.

  • Rest 5-8 weeks
  • Hope that you don’t need surgery.

Confessions of a chronic heel-striker.

I knew exactly why I was in this situation. I am heel striker and never paid attention to my running form. Why would I have to change my running form? I could read articles on increasing speed and get faster. As they say, with age comes wisdom.

Chronic injury brings humility.

After limping around for weeks I decided on a plan.

  • Get weekly massages to unlock my calf muscles.
  • Do rehab by rolling and smashing every day.
  • Do strengthening exercises for both legs
  • Fix my running form.

Fixing your running form is harder than it looks.

I can prove it to you. Take a video of yourself running in slow motion. When I thought I was mid-foot striking, I was still heel-striking and over-striding. I even hired a running coach. The problem was that he thought I had to move my feet faster. Very Frustrating.

Technology to the rescue.

I was looking at Garmin for help. They have watches that measure cadence, vertical drop etc…The problem is they are $400. That is the precise time I saw the above ad and decided to put Lumo Run on my Christmas list. I didn’t know if it was going to work, so I didn’t want to spend my own money buying it. Well, that is what Christmas is for, isn’t it?

Here is what you get.

Lumo Run Kit


Set-up is very simple.

  1. Use the cord to charge the Lumo Run.
  2. Insert Lumo Run sensor into the rubber case.
  3. Create an online account and download the Lumo Run Software.
  4. Attach the clip to the back of your pants.
  5. Go for a test run.

Doing the test run.

So the test run is a way to get some baseline metrics. As you can see, it lasts 10 minutes.

There are a couple things I like.

  • The screen is very well laid out and it is easy to read outside in bright light.
  • The important things you need to know, mileage, pace, time and easy to find.
  • You get a nice GPS of your route.
  • The temperature is also recorded.
  • There is a space where you can record notes. In this case I did the test run with Altras which are zero drop shoes.



Lumo Run Test Run


The results of the test run.

I was very nervous and expecting the worst. As you run with Lumo Run, you have a coach that brings up reminders and tips. I thought this was going to get ugly but it didn’t.

In fact I am surprised with the results. Take a look.


Lumo Test Results

Not too bad. The real value of Lumo Run is that it pointed out  1 main metric I need to work on, cadence. If you look at my running logs, you can start to see the effect of cadence on the other metrics. I suspect this will be true with a lot of runners that their cadence is their weak spot. Knowing this makes my life a lot easier.

How many things do you really want to concentrate on during a run?

Speaking of tracking metrics and running logs

Here is a screen shot of the coaching screen.

Lumo Run Coaching Screen

Exercise recommendations help you to improve on your weakest metrics.

Lumo Run Recommendations


Trends show you how your are progressing.

Lumo Run Trends


Personal Records keep track of your best metrics and tell you after each run if you have a new record.

Lumo Run Personal Records



Who is Lumo Run for?

Lumo Run is for a runner that wants to monitor and correct form. It is a very easy way to build your notebook of runs and track progress. If you always seem to get injured, this is an invaluable tool to self-correct your running. And it is cheaper than a new pair of running shoes!


  • The software works flawlessly on my Iphone.
  • The metrics are explained very well.
  • You get as much detail or as little detail as you want.
  • At $99, this is a great value. You could spend 4 times the amount and not get any more meaningful info.
  • Your sensor will synch up with your phone and online account giving you instant access to your run info.


  • The build quality is great but it is hard for my big fingers to open the charging port. I am afraid I am going to tear of the end.
  • The sensor clips on the back of your waistband. Remember that because it is very easy to lose track of it after a run.

As you can see on my website, I use Lumo Run for every run and display the results.

I wanted to try it because I want to become a more efficient runner.

For me that means running with less effort and fewer injuries.

Lumo Run is key for helping me get there.