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Whether you’re an avid runner, an average runner, a slow runner, a beginner or a frustrated runner…

This website is for you!

As a slow but steady runner, I developed this website to share my love of running and to help others who love to run.

Colorado race reviews, Running logs, rehab ideas and my quest to break the 10:00 mile barrier!

Reviews of Races

Get my reviews of local races and what I am up to next.

Who knows, maybe I will see you at my next run?


Check out my running logs and see if you can take any ideas away from it. Content provided by Lumo Run.

Fix Injuries

All humor aside, I am certified in Corrective exercise. I will share with you ways to fix running injuries and stay healthy.

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barefoot workout

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A funny thing happened while I was writing on my other site….

I had the realization that my life as a slow runner was far more interesting to me than my life as a fitness coach.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and personal training is very rewarding.

Through weight training I was able to transform myself and change my life. You know, the usual story.

As  for running… I have always found it enjoyable but very hard.

In early 2016 I decided to get serious about running to prepare for my first Spartan Race. What happened after that has been a roller coaster ride of ups, downs, triumphs and screw-ups.

Most people in the fitness industry take great pains to hide their shortcomings from the world.

I think it is funny as hell I have this glaring gap in my game.

So join me on this open, honest adventure as I reveal what it is like to finish races when the vendors are packing up and going home. Cheers!

Virtual Strides

Virtual Strides Add a Virtual run to your calendar. I feature a different one every month. Set a goal, help a great cause and get some swag!

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